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Creating advertising or branding for your company is a bit like designing and building a house; before digging the foundations, you’ve got to decide on size, style, purpose and price. Only then can you get down to constructing a message about your brand. And, as with constructing a house, the process can easily escalate into a costly business.

Where I can help.

I’m Phil Kininmonth, an advertising art director and writer with over 30 years industry experience. I help clients turn their marketing goals into advertising messages. It’s like the advertising version of being an architect and builder and I’ve been doing it since 2004. Previously I worked for a variety of large and small Melbourne agencies, with responsibility for all kinds of brands, from multi-national to local. (See the Archive section of my portfolio page.) No matter what the size of your brand, you’d be surprised how much simpler it is when you deal directly with the people who create the ads.

Value, plus an extra dollop.

It wouldn’t be advertising without a call to action.  The way I work is to listen to you then come back with a recommendation on how I’d contribute creatively to your marketing. It may be by presenting initial ideas on anything from a logo, brochure or packaging to a commercial, short film, new website or or whole new brand image. It’ll cost you nothing. Only then, if you like my thinking, will I prepare a quote to develop it further. It’s commonsense advertising. And it’s surprisingly cost effective.

That first step.

It makes sense to start with a chat, where we can quickly sort out whether I can be of use to your company. Take the initiative by calling or sending me an email and I’ll respond by arranging a meeting.