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Champions of breakfast.

Carman's original pack design
Original pack design

Independent cereal brand, Carman’s Fine Foods, asked Activist to upgrade and extend their packaging to encompass a growing range of products. The design of their original carton used a lot of black and looked a little oppressive. But the product had a loyal following, so we were briefed to retain some recognisable elements.

Holding a client workshop, we explored all facets of the market, from their competitors’ packaging to what made current Carman’s customers so loyal. One drawcard was Carman’s being a small, local independent brand.

When producing initial designs,  I drew quick pencil roughs rather than highly finished layouts. This way we could test several ways of taking the ‘black’ design forward without spending too much money.

Concept roughs
Concept roughs exploring directions.
Carman's pack extensions
Testing the design on new products

For the final package, we re-drew the logo and added colour coding that would differentiate the  blends while giving a splash of colour to the dominant black.

Carman's re-drawn logo
Carman’s logo re-drawn for a more professional look.
Carman's Muesli packaging
Final packs showing colour code with original black.