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The sale you have…

As with most ‘clearances’, this Honda promotion was not discount driven, so the creative brief called for an event rather than a sale. An economical, yet eye-catching, pun held the whole campaign together,

Honda POS poster Honda Clearance 2012 Press ad



In 2012 the Honda Civic turned 40. So I dug through advertising archives and found the original global launch campaign created by American agency, Chiat Day. Our client was enthralled and asked us to to produce a new¬†print campaign based on the original launch concept, following the original 1972 art direction style. The following ads emerged utilising font styles that I hadn’t employed since my early days in advertising.

Honda Civic 40th anniversary press add Honda Civic magazine ads Civic 40th anniversary strip press ads



In 2011, natural disasters in Japan and Thailand halted production in Honda factories. With  Honda showrooms running low on cars, sales enquiries began to taper off. When production eventually resumed, a retail campaign was urgently needed to reassure customers that there was now a full range to choose from.

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