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Creating gold with peanuts.

Retail advertising for Goodyear tyres required high quality finishes within tight budgets. This example employed a straightforward shoot without the expense of actors. A special effect was created using multiple shots combined in editing, rather than opting for high cost CGI effects. Created with writer Ross Weetman at BADJAR Advertising.

Finely tuned athlete.

The launch of a new 3 Series coupe in 2001 called for the insinuation of power with typical BMW style. New ‘anti hooning’ self regulation for car advertisers had just arrived so this seemed like a good time to keep the story off-road. Created with Barry Robinson.

Bigger than you-know-who.

The Perfect Cheese company were launching a new variety of cheese that put taste back into sandwich fillings. With a limited budget they wanted to generate interest quickly. Charlton Heston was due in town to promote his autobiography so Peter Ivan and I capitalised on the opportunity for a cheap(ish) gag. The famous actor had only to take a bite from a sandwich to cover his tour costs.

Moving parts.

This iconic Australian auto parts manufacturer had to catch up with the times when imports began replacing many of their locally made products. While other consumer auto stores proliferated, Repco’s outlets were seen as trade oriented. Barry Robinson and I were briefed to give the stores a friendly, yet expert image (without alienating their auto trade clientele) and infuse the brand with a distinctly Australian flavor. The resulting character of ‘Rep’, delivering his casual slogan, did just that while the accompanying retail campaign was down to earth, yet warm.

It’s a miracle.

McCain Foods were having trouble with their frozen pizza. During the late 1990s competition between home delivered and supermarket pizzas was being fought to the death, as margins narrowed and taste quality evaporated. Eventually McCain hunkered down at their Ballarat factory and re-thought the recipe, devising a product that brought taste back to the market for a reasonable price. After I and my writer, Peter Ivan, had tasted the new pizza for ourselves we declared it a miracle. And so a proposition was born, which went on to spearhead the product, including packaging and POS material. It became the longest-running McCain commercial in Australia.

What’s a mouse doing in my BMW?

Driving a $300,000 limousine should be as easy as falling into bed. But the new BMW 7 Series launched in 2003 was, literally, new from the ground up. Luxury auto makers are first with the innovations later seen on all cars, so the first BMW to offer keyless entry confused drivers. Business leaders are notoriously averse to new technology, so they began bad-mouthing the car across Australia. This campaign of spreads for The Australian Magazine helped convince potential owners that BMW’s revolutionary new car wasn’t difficult to operate but actually simpler.

BMW - How hard can it be?BMW mouse buttonBMW gear selector


The Perfect Italian.

Perfect Cheese Company made cheeses to authentic old Italian recipes. But trying to tell this to consumers in 2002 presented a problem – they’d already had a gut-full of cliched old Italian gentlemen. So, rather than woo Australians with more of the same, we delved into Natalie Italiano’s early days in 1920s Melbourne, when the Perfect Cheese company catered almost exclusively to his fellow migrants. Mr Italiano’s family provided us with old documentation and historic photos, then we simply told his story through informative magazine ads.

Perfect Cheese ad 1Perfect Cheese ad 2Perfect Cheese ad 3Perfect Cheese ad 4