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Understanding the elements.

Engineers at Murchie Consulting handle the unglamorous yet vital extras that go into office buildings – lifts, electrics, plumbing, fire protection and sustainability. After designing some ground-breaking innovations they found their visual image lagging until we wrote a booklet explaining the importance of getting all these elements working in harmony. I turned their yellow ‘M’ logo into a large graphic and reversed it, spreading the colour. We rolled out the new look to stationery, then their reception area and now it’s been made the basis of their new website.

Murchie stationery

Murchie booklet 1
Brand statement booklet.Murchie booklet 2Murchie booklet 3Murchie booklet 4





Playing the man.

Advertising great David Ogilvy once said, “Only in the direst cases should you show the clients faces.” But when larger-than-life sports motivational expert Warren Kennaugh requested a new brand identity, this seemed like one of those cases. Warren’s initials and face now form his logo and stationery. Even WK’s office’s reception is lit up with his initials, in the form of a two-metre high light fixture, the central glow resembling a stylised lightening bolt.

WK logo and stationery WK office reception

The band’s back together.

Country/blues band, JJ KAD, needed an album cover and drum kit sign, in a hurry, from an existing photo. By adding some extra design elements and colour manipulation, the photo was given some attitude. Then a typographic treatment of their name conferred a hint of the old west.

JJ KAD album cover
Album cover.
JJ KAD drumkit poster

Soft hearts for hard wood.

Crisfield Fulton Gallery are more than cabinetmakers, because to them, timber itself is a thing of beauty. This sentiment is expressed in their logo, press ads, store signage, point-of-sale and website. Radio commercials also outline their connection with every hand-crafted piece, and the connections Crisfield Fulton establish with their customers.

Crisfield logo and storefront
Crisfield fulton press
Small space press ads.