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Honda take-away.

When Honda briefed the agency to promote two of its compacts – City and Civic – I hatched a plan to tempt customers into test-driving them both. A large part of the target market is young white-collar workers who have busy weekends and little spare time during the week. So, why not arrange to get picked up from work in one, test-drive to the dealership then switch cars for another test-drive back? Easy! Honda thought so too.

There’s this great little pub…

An ongoing series of radio commercials publicises this great little pub in Port Melbourne, known for its friendly atmosphere, cozy interior and great meals – a true ‘local’ watering hole. And with its pick-up and drop-off limousine service, you can become a local even if you don’t live within walking distance.

The key to retail success.

With new finance offers crowding the motoring press, this distinctively customised car key graphic worked as a drawcard across press, point-of-sale and even radio to highlight Honda’s finance offer to ‘get you into a Euro’. At the same time, a new grid layout style for print media was instituted, allowing multiple retail offers within the one ad while retaining a recognisable visual image.

Euro finance ads
Weekly motoring press full page ads.